At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we have worked with hundreds of brands to help them grow from small businesses to successful franchises. Through our surveys and other resources, we determine what concepts are ideal for franchising, and then we work together with the brand to make their dreams a reality. We started working with Pranama when they were a single fast-casual restaurant in Panama. Today, they have expanded into America with aspirations to open franchises all across the country. Find out more about Pranama and how this great idea for a business can be turned into an international franchise brand.


Pranama has one goal: nurture the body, mind, and spirit through live probiotic foods and drinks. What started as a small business in Panama City, Panama, has made its way into California and is looking to grow within the next few years. Local health-oriented restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in America because more and more people are beginning to care about what they eat. Through franchising, Pranama can address the demand in a growing market through a model that focuses both on healthy living and education.

healthy food by Pranama
healthy food by Pranama


Pranama’s business model works better than many other small restaurants because they focus on creating “brand ambassadors” as opposed to simply franchise owners. To promote live probiotics and the benefits they have for people, there is an educational element that draws customers in and helps them connect to the health community. Brand Ambassadors are imperative to the success of the franchise because people want to eat healthy, but they also want to know who Pranama is and that the products are actually good for them. By investing in a Pranama franchise, you can spread healthy eating into your community and help people learn more about it.


We love working with Pranama and how far they have come with their franchise. The brand creates an experience that their customers can enjoy, and they learn about the benefits of foods and drinks that are rich in live probiotics through a menu in a fast-casual foodservice environment. In addition to having the order-in-store concept, Pranama is also utilizing a subscription where customers can order food for delivery right to their home. We are proud of the success Pranama has had so far and we are very excited for what the future has in store for such a unique brand that has a lot of potential.

“He has been very helpful. It is as though he has known us and our concept for years and has described our concept in the franchisor plan in great detail. He has answered all of our questions even if they were out of his scope. We appreciate his service and guidance!”

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If you are interested in joining the Pranama team as a Brand Ambassador with your own franchise, contact [email protected].