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Rock N Roll Sushi

Accurate Franchising, Inc. has worked with thousands of brands to facilitate their franchise expansion and succeed in the competitive business world. Our expertise in all things franchise development – from legal requirements to sales strategies – equips us to help our clients achieve franchise successes.

One of our most successful clients is Rock N Roll Sushi, a vibrant and unique franchise that brings something exciting to the sushi restaurant world. With 22 restaurants in operation, 18 of which are franchises, RNR Sushi is paving the way for explosive growth throughout the country.

Delicious Sushi Franchise Based in Alabama

We know what you’re thinking: Alabama isn’t exactly famous for its culinary achievements, but Rock N Roll Sushi is changing that! A rock and roll theme and diverse menu make this sushi restaurant a big hit wherever it goes.

Not Your Average Sushi Restaurant

Rock N Roll Sushi has carved out a unique niche in the sushi restaurant industry. From the moment guests walk in the restaurant, they are greeted with a nostalgic rock and roll theme, including photos of rock staples like KISS and Motley Crüe and famous music videos playing along with the music.

Even the menus follow along with the nostalgic theme, styled like 70s and 80s vinyl albums. The delicious sushi rolls combine classic favorites and exciting new flavors unique to the brand. RNR Sushi’s menu caters to guests who are brand new to the world of sushi as well as the sushi experts with a wide variety of tasty rolls named after some of the greatest American musicians of all time.

​Some of the popular rolls include:

  • ​Michael Jackson Roll
  • Tommy Lee Roll
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Roll
  • Cyndi Lauper Roll

Unique Origins Complement the Unique Menu

Rock N Roll Sushi’s first franchisee was one of the first servers at the original RNR Sushi location in Cullman, Alabama. She has found great success with the brand and has gone on to open a second location. In fact, most of the operating franchisees have signed on to open additional stores going forward.

In just 3 years of franchise expansion, Rock N Roll Sushi has opened 18 franchised stores with 42 more signed and in the pipeline. With an average of one new store opening every three weeks, Rock N Roll Sushi is seeing explosive growth with their fun-loving theme and unique menu.

Working with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

The experts at Accurate Franchising, Inc. are a big help with Rock N Roll Sushi’s franchise expansion. After working together on some key projects, Rock N Roll Sushi benefited from AFI’s expertise. Here’s what they have to say about working with us:

​“We first met Accurate Franchising at a convention in NYC and they impressed us at the first meet. We decided to visit their office in Florida and spent a couple days with them. Jason and his staff were amazing and we could instantly tell they knew what they were doing. We hired them to help us on several projects and plan to utilize their experience more in the future.”