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Smoothie Jungle Café

Here at Accurate Franchising, Inc. we have experts who help all different types of businesses expand through franchising. Smoothie Jungle Café is one such business that found success at their original location had led them to a figurative fork in the road: to expand through franchising or open multiple, company-owned locations. Smoothie Jungle Café reached out to us to help them decide, and through our resources and tools, we helped them determine that franchising was the way to go. Since then, we have been working together to help them grow their brand and establish themselves as a great franchise opportunity.

No Monkeying Around with The Menu

Sandwiches, salads, smoothies, juices, and more – Smoothie Jungle Café covers it all. And, best of all, they offer them at competitive prices that separate them from other restaurants in the industry. Customers love the quality of the products that Smoothie Jungle Café provides. Flavorful fruits and foods with no preservatives are prepared daily at the Smoothie Jungle Café, so franchisees know they are serving only the best to their customers. In addition, Smoothie Jungle Café is the only brand that offers gourmet 8” sandwiches, salads, and 20 oz fresh fruit smoothies at economical prices.

More Than the Average Smoothie Business

Unlike the average smoothie business started from scratch, a Smoothie Jungle Café franchise has total support from the franchisor. This, combined with the quality products and great consumer prices, contributes to the overall successful concept that Smoothie Jungle Café has created.

Partnering with AFI

Smoothie Jungle Café was seeing enormous success as a single location and decided that they needed to expand. With our help, they now have a franchise opportunity that is appealing to anyone who is looking to invest in a smoothie franchise and break into an exciting industry. Smoothie Jungle Café separates itself from other smoothie shops with its quality food and fruits, and their Brazilian-inspired menu.

“Accurate Franchising has been very diligent, and very supportive, any questions or concerns we have they are always available to answer. Each department has been very patient and nice helping us with starting our franchise. Accurate Franchising makes you feel at ease and confident about beginning your future franchise company.”