In our decades of experience, AFI is proud to have assisted countless businesses with their franchise growth. We have worked hard to be the leader in franchise consultants by assisting hundreds of brands expand their franchise systems around the world.

One of our clients undergoing such expansion is Toby’s Latin Grill. We are excited to work with this up-and-coming franchise based in sunny southern California. Toby’s is already locally famous for its charcoal-grilled chicken as well as its Cuban and Latin food, so franchising will take that fame and help it grow.



Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Toby’s Latin Grill is a unique place. Their proven method of delivering the juiciest, most flavorful meats has earned them a name for themselves at their small restaurant. In spite of little parking, the Santa Ana spot is constantly busy with lines running out the door.


Toby’s Latin Grill is famous for its chicken, which was created by founder Cristobal “Toby” Rodriguez when he found an old recipe that his father brought when he immigrated from Cuba. This garlic-lime marinade sets the tone for the flavor of all the meats they serve, though the tender, juicy, and flavorful chicken is still the most popular menu item (it makes up a whopping 70% of the restaurant’s sales!). Grilling on good, old-fashioned charcoal seals the deal, adding the natural flavor of charcoal which is the perfect complement for the marinade.

chicken by Toby's Latin Grill
food selection at Toby's Latin Grill
Other delectable items on the Toby’s Latin Grill menu:

  • Cuban food
  • Black beans
  • Plantains
  • Cuban and Medianoche sandwiches
  • Empanadas
  • Cuban and Latin pastries


When Toby’s opened his tiny first location in 2009, the idea was to sell juices, pastries, and some chicken if the people liked it. Well, like it they did! Soon Toby was expanding his store and serving so much chicken he couldn’t keep up with the demand. After a while, even buying up neighboring properties to expand his store wasn’t enough, so Toby opened a second location in 2016.

Finally, in November 2017 family friend Frank Sariol suggested franchising.
From there, the growth has exploded. Two flagship locations are slated to open in September, 2018 where Toby’s Latin Grill franchisees will receive their training to open their own stores. Within the next five years, Toby’s expects to award 51 new franchises and 5 corporate stores.

happy business owners
ingredients for Cuban cuisine


Toby’s Latin Grill has found an excellent resource in Accurate Franchising, Inc. With our expertise they can focus on what they do best: making delicious chicken. Take a look at what Toby’s CEO, Frank R. Sariol, has to say about working with us:


“They have handled this project very professionally and the end result has been to the level that I had hoped it would be. I have detailed each and every document they have generated and have made changes necessary (very few I must admit) and the end product is one that I feel will help our Franchise model excel. What they have prepared is so complete that we have printed and used an operations manual for each of the two locations we are opening and have had it serve as our road map to ensure that we cover all the bases in our remodel and opening of the units. This will also allow us to test the product so that we can guide our future franchisees to success.

“I recommend highly the team at Accurate Franchising.”