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We are proud to share more about Towne Post Network, Inc.’s incredible journey and what makes them stand out from other franchises in their industry. Their unique publishing services to bring magazines to local communities is a niche in the industry, and more and more people are beginning to notice.



By emphasizing local magazines for several towns across the United States, Towne Post has created something unique. Magazines are still a popular medium for consumers. Readers enjoy the pictures, the stories, and even the advertisements that magazines feature which make them a much more desirable market than the average newspaper. Local residents love to read about what’s happening in their cities and towns, but many of the smaller, independent newspapers and magazines have dwindled, leaving a gap between the news and the people. Towne Post is here to fix that gap. Our franchisees collect data relevant to the specific community, and then they compose a magazine through their turnkey publishing platform.


Towne Post Network, Inc. has seen its success and stands out from the average magazine publication for two reasons. The first reason is more cost-effective publishing. The printing and distribution of magazines can cost a lot when a small, independent shop does it on their own. By opening a franchise through Towne Post, though, franchisees can get a better price on the publishing and they have more freedom to focus on sales and building relationships with customers.

The second is the efficiency. By pooling resources, stories, and experiences, Towne Post shortens the pathway to operating a successful franchise. The turnkey magazine publishing platform is cloud-based and transparent, allowing franchisees to run their business anywhere (even their own home). Towne Post’s back-office procedures are established enough to keep franchisees on-time or within deadlines.

Towne Post Network: Noblesville Magazine
Towne Post Network


Towne Post Network, Inc. currently has 13 franchises with plenty of room for expansion and growth. Although the primary products and services center around local magazines, Towne Post also offers internet marketing services. These two services, combined with their comprehensive platform, create a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity that has potential markets all across the United States and even internationally.


Started in Indianapolis, Indiana, Towne Post Network, Inc., has expanded into Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida, and they are anticipating much more growth over the next few years. We want to help Towne Post grow, so we brought in our industry knowledge that spans 35 years and the insight we have into franchising both large and small brands. Together, we have seen tremendous growth for Towne Post Network, and we have brought magazines back to local communities, with news that is relevant and specific to them.

“Accurate Franchising’s depth of knowledge and real-life experience was invaluable to our growing franchise. In the world of franchising, I haven’t found anyone or any group that has more insights than the folks at Accurate Franchising. I would highly recommend them and their team to any new franchise system looking for a sounding board or direction.”

If you are interested in learning more about Towne Post Network, Inc.’s opportunities, visit their website for more information about franchising and their current publications.

Towne Post Network: Plainfield Magazine