If you have a thriving business that is ready to expand, there are a few ways to go about it. The first is to open another location, which you would also own, and hope that both locations can maintain that growth and profitability with their owner split between them. The other is to turn your business concept into a franchise, so people can invest in your brand and open a location anywhere across the country. You may be wondering how to franchise your business and where to even begin. We can help!

We have been in the business for over 30 years, and we have helped over 200 brands either expand their businesses through franchising or grow under a new and improved business model. There are a number of ways a franchise consultant can help you — here are the top five.

A Franchise Consultant Helps Determine if Your Business Is Ready for Franchising

Figuring out how to franchise your business can be a long and tedious process, which is why a franchise consultant is worthwhile to bring along for the journey. The first step is really determining if your business concept works for franchising, and how turnkey it is to different markets across the country. In order to figure this out, Accurate Franchising has several resources that help us gauge your feasibility, profitability, and growth. By working with one of our franchise consultants, you can discover if franchising is the best route to expand your business and what the next steps are.

A Franchise Consultant Builds Your Infrastructure with You

Your business won’t turn into a franchise overnight; it requires a lot of time and commitment to working with the franchise consultant to build an infrastructure that is best suited for your franchise. The infrastructure of a franchise concept includes the brand’s policies all the way to the franchise disclosure document (FDD).

The FDD is an imperative component to a franchise’s infrastructure because this is the document that contains all the information prospective franchisees need to make an informed decision about their investment. This means it must be well-thought out and in-depth, so franchisees know your opportunity is right for them. Our franchise consultants offer FDD services to help you compile data that covers everything you need and contains everything prospective franchisees want to know.

A Franchise Consultant Finds Ideal Locations for Your Concept

As you continue learning how to franchise your business, the franchise consultant will also help determine what cities and states would be best for your concept. Cities like New York City offer ample opportunity but also a lot of competition. Cities like Columbus, Ohio, are more up and coming but are more geared toward college students and sports teams. Finding the right locations for a franchise like yours is important to the success of your expansion, and our expertise can help you.

A Franchise Consultant Helps You Sell More Franchises

Once your brand is up and running with a couple of franchises behind it, you may need assistance selling more. Accurate Franchising can show you how to franchise your business, and now we can help you grow it. Your franchise consultant offers services that can grow your franchise such as lead generation, franchise resale, real estate assistance, marketing, and more that help prospective franchisees find your concept.

A Franchise Consultant Shows You How to Franchise Your Business

From the very beginning of your franchise journey all the way to a successful expansion, we’ve got your back. Our franchise consultants have years of expertise in the franchising industry, and we are unique because we not only help franchisors with their brands, but we assist our own franchises as well. Our founder is Ray Titus, who is also the founder of Signarama. His franchise is the leader in its category, and he started Accurate Franchising with the intention of spreading his knowledge and services to other franchises all across the country. We still work with Signarama growth strategies all these years later, and we want to work with you as well.

Did you know there are three phases to growing your business with our franchise consultant? Find out how to franchise your business today.