The Benefits of the Extended Support Plan

Signing up for the Extended Support Plan from Accurate Franchising provides new franchisors with immense value by reducing risk, offering ongoing training and support, and providing access to proprietary systems and tools. This plan is designed to set franchisors up for success from day one.

The Extended Support Plan reduces risk for new franchisors by providing continued guidance beyond the initial training. Having ongoing support gives franchisors the confidence that expert assistance is only a phone call away. The plan also includes territory planning and site selection to help identify the right markets and locations to expand into. This level of ongoing strategic advice is valuable for reducing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

In addition, the Extended Support Plan delivers ongoing training and support to help franchisors and their staff master day-to-day operations, management, and leadership. Whether it is advice on marketing, human resources, or finance, Accurate Franchising’s team of experts is here to coach franchisors every step of the way. The training gives franchisors the knowledge, skills, and support network to operate their franchise smoothly and profitably.

The proprietary systems and tools available through the Extended Support Plan give franchisors access to the methods and technology that have made Accurate Franchising successful. From operations manuals to management software, these proven systems allow new franchisors to hit the ground running with everything they need to operate efficiently from day one. Taking advantage of these invaluable systems right away eliminates the steep learning curve when establishing a new franchise.

The Accurate Franchising Extended Support Plan provides ongoing training, strategic advice, and systems access new franchisors need to reduce risk and set their business up for success. This level of support and guidance from industry experts is invaluable for franchisees starting their journey.

Expert Ongoing Training

The Extended Support Plan provides regular webinars and workshops to help franchisors stay current on the latest industry best practices. This ongoing training keeps you up to date on changing regulations and evolving business strategies. Industry experts with real-world franchise experience develop our training programs and materials.

We offer live interactive webinars monthly, if not more frequently, on topics tailored specifically to franchise brands. You will have opportunities to engage with and ask questions of our knowledgeable support staff. We also provide access to our extensive archive of pre-recorded webinars and downloadable training materials.

The ongoing training we provide through the Extended Support Plan ensures you will always have the most current knowledge to operate your franchise legally, ethically, and profitably. Our regular educational opportunities give you a competitive edge with compliance, operations, marketing, and more.

Valuable Proprietary Resources

The Extended Support Plan gives you exclusive access to Accurate Franchising’s library of proprietary resources that we have developed over years of experience in the industry. These carefully crafted materials contain the keys to running an optimized and successful franchise location.

With the Extended Support Plan, you will access our entire library of workflow systems covering everything from inventory management to staff training. These systems we use in our franchise locations have been honed to maximize efficiency and profitability. No more guessing at the best practices – our systems will show you exactly how to operate.

You will also receive our detailed operations blueprints that provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up and run your location. From kitchen layout to front-of-house design to hiring and staffing, our blueprints are optimized based on decades of experience opening and operating franchises. Leverage our expertise so you do not have to start from scratch – our plans will allow you to hit the ground running on day one.

The proprietary resources included in the Extended Support Plan represent thousands of hours of operational knowledge gained over many years in the franchise industry. Do not try to figure everything out alone – this invaluable proprietary content is only available with the Extended Support Plan.

Territory Planning and Site Selection

One of the biggest challenges for new franchisees is identifying the best territories and sites to establish their business. This process requires in-depth demographic analysis and market research to determine areas with sufficient demand for your products or services.

The Extended Support Plan provides access to Accurate Franchising’s team of location specialists, who will help you pinpoint prime territories and sites for your franchise based on population, traffic patterns, competition, and other vital factors. They have proprietary data, analytical tools, and expertise to guide you in selecting locations to drive customer traffic and maximize your sales potential.

With the Extended Support Plan, you can avoid guesswork and costly mistakes by leveraging Accurate Franchising’s territory planning and site selection assistance. Their strategic guidance removes the difficulty of picking territories and sites so you can hit the ground running with your franchise in an optimal location. Do not leave these crucial decisions to chance – get help from the experts so you can set your business up for success.

Ongoing Support

One of the key benefits of the Extended Support Plan is access to ongoing support from experts at Accurate Franchising. As a franchisee on the Extended Support Plan, you will be assigned a dedicated support representative who will be your go-to contact for any issues or questions that come up.

Having quick and easy access to support can make all the difference when challenges arise. Instead of feeling lost or spending hours searching for answers, you can quickly contact your representative via phone, email, or online chat. They will be able to provide guidance, insight, and solutions tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Whether you need help troubleshooting an operational issue, have a question about marketing tactics, want to discuss growth and expansion plans, or need a sounding board, your support rep will be there. No more waiting on hold or explaining your situation repeatedly to different customer service agents. With a dedicated representative, you will build a relationship and trust that leads to faster resolution of any franchise issues.

The ongoing support provided through the Extended Support Plan gives franchisees peace of mind that they will have expert assistance readily available when they require it. Do not go it alone – take advantage of the specialty guidance Accurate Franchising has to offer through the Extended Support Plan.

Growth and Expansion Guidance

One of the most valuable benefits of the Extended Support Plan is the growth and expansion guidance provided by the Accurate Franchising team. They know that growth is critical for franchisees to increase profits and build equity. With the Extended Support Plan, franchisees get access to proven strategies for adding units and expanding territories.

The growth specialists at Accurate Franchising are experts in scaling franchise businesses. They have helped many franchise owners set and reach aggressive growth goals by opening additional locations. The team provides coaching and advice on evaluating markets, securing prime locations, and rolling out new units smoothly and profitably.

With an Extended Support Plan, franchisees do not have to figure outgrowth on their own. They can tap into the expansive knowledge and experience of the Accurate Franchising growth experts. Having a trusted partner guiding your growth strategy gives franchise owners confidence that their expansion plans are sound and built to succeed. The support plan provides a blueprint for smart, sustainable growth.

Peace of Mind

Making the decision to become a franchise owner is an exciting yet challenging step, full of many unknowns and risks. By signing up for the Extended Support Plan, you gain invaluable peace of mind knowing that you have the full support and expertise of the franchisor behind you at every step.

With the Extended Support Plan, you reduce the risks and unknowns of starting a new business. You can feel confident that the franchisor will provide ongoing training, resources, and guidance to help set you up for success. The plan alleviates many stresses and pressures new franchise owners face when establishing and growing their businesses. No longer will you need to navigate the franchise journey alone.

The Extended Support Plan gives you the security of knowing you have a team of experienced franchise professionals who care about your progress and want to see your franchise thrive. You will have the backup and reassurance from being part of a proven franchise system. With the Extended Support Plan, you can focus your time and energy on building your local business, trusting that the franchisor has your back when challenges arise.

In an uncertain economy, gain peace of mind by investing in the Extended Support Plan. Reduce risks, gain confidence, and secure expert guidance – all of which lead to a higher chance of franchise success. Do not go alone; sign up today!

The Costs

The Extended Support Plan does come with a monthly fee, but one that is well worth considering the value you receive. The monthly fee varies based on the size and scope of your franchise operation. On average, most franchises pay between $500 and $1,500 per month for the Extended Support Plan.

While this may initially seem high, compare it to the potential costs of not having ongoing support:

  • Lost revenue from suboptimal territory planning and site selection
  • Wasted money on ineffective marketing campaigns
  • Lost time figuring out processes and procedures on your own
  • Expensive trial and error learning what works for your franchise location

The small monthly investment in the Extended Support Plan can save you thousands in lost revenue and wasted spending. With expert guidance, your franchise location will experience faster growth, higher income, and reduced costs. The plan pays for itself many times over.

Going it alone without ongoing support from the franchisor is risky and often leads franchisees to sell or close eventually. Do not take that chance. Sign up for the Extended Support Plan today and set your franchise location up for long-term success.

Signing Up is Easy

Signing up for the Extended Support Plan is a quick and straightforward process that immediately gets you started with the extra services and assistance.

To get started, contact your franchise development director or our support staff. We can email you the paperwork to review and sign electronically. The entire signup process only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Once we receive your signed paperwork, we will schedule your onboarding session with your dedicated support team. They will explain everything you need to know about accessing proprietary tools, setting up ongoing training, and utilizing services. You can expect to be up and running with the Extended Support Plan within 1-2 business days.

We make signing up fast and simple because we want you to be able to take advantage of the benefits immediately. Do not wait to get your franchise’s help – get started today by contacting us and joining the Extended Support Plan.

Do not Go It Alone

Opening a new franchise location is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. While the potential rewards are great, there are many hurdles to overcome. By signing up for the Extended Support Plan, you gain the backing of an entire team of experts with a personal stake in your success. With ongoing training, proprietary resources, site selection assistance, growth guidance, and more, you are empowered to open smoothly and operate profitably. The costs are modest, considering the tremendous value gained.

Do not leave your future up to chance. This is the time to secure every advantage and safeguard your investment in your franchise. Join the many owners who sleep soundly at night, knowing they have the Extended Support Plan in their corner. Sign up today and gain the confidence that comes from world-class support. You worked hard to get to this point – now is the time to take your business to the next level with a team of specialists by your side.