Trying to answer the question “How much will it cost to franchise my business?” Accurate Franchising, Inc. might be able to help. The answer will be different for every business owner, but in many cases, the cost is well worth the potential profit to be gained. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways we help business owners to convert to franchisors. 


Consider the Cost of Corporate Expansion

Keep in mind that while converting your business to a franchise will come at a cost, it is almost certain to be less than the cost of expanding your business on your own. Businesses that opt for corporate expansion take on all of the costs associated with opening new locations: real estate prices, marketing costs, signage, inventory, and more. On the other hand, businesses that opt to franchise can count on franchisees to cover many of these costs. Franchisees assume nearly all of the risk by buying in themselves, while franchisors enjoy regular royalty payments in exchange for their support and the use of their brand name. As you research “How much will it cost to franchise my business?” keep in mind that the alternative, expanding on your own, has the potential to be much more costly.

What You’ll Need to Invest in

The exact cost to franchise your business will depend on many variables – when you contact Accurate Franchising, Inc., we can provide you with an estimation tailored to your needs. That being said, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider when making the switch. New franchisors will need to:

  • Develop a franchise disclosure document
  • Design a training program
  • Prepare a detailed operations manual and other support systems
  • Invest in marketing to find qualified leads
  • Research regulations that impact their business in different markets
  • … and more

Accurate Franchising Inc. not only helps our clients with each of these tasks, but we can also help them get things done in a reasonable timeframe and for a great price. Our experience and expertise ensure that our clients won’t need to worry about wasting time and money throughout the process. How much will it cost to franchise my business? With Accurate Franchising, Inc. you can rest assured that the expense will be reasonable.

Calculate How Much You Stand to Gain

Of course, the answer to the question “How much will it cost to franchise my business?” won’t matter if you don’t stand to make enough profit. Accurate Franchising, Inc. helps our clients determine whether it’s really the best time to franchise their business, starting with our profitability calculator. Take some time to utilize this tool – it has the potential to give you a detailed estimate of how much you stand to gain by franchising your business! If the benefit outweighs the expense, you might just be ready to enlist our services to help you make the conversion.

Want to know “How much will it cost to franchise my business?” Contact us today to find out!