If you’re considering expanding your business, learning how to franchise is a great route to take. Franchising allows you to grow your company without needing to invest the time and capital that you’d spend opening new corporate-owned locations. It also allows you to unlock new revenue streams! Accurate Franchising, Inc. has been helping companies just like yours to break into franchising for many years. In actuality, our founders are franchisors themselves, so they know what it takes to build a successful brand. 

Here, learn why franchising your business is a better bet than adding new locations on your own. 

1. Get the Most for Your Capital

Opening new locations of any business can be costly. You’ll need to invest in real estate, marketing, and materials, all while keeping your existing locations running smoothly as well. One of the most important things to consider about how to franchise effectively is managing your costs. As a new franchisor, it’s a fact that you’ll initially need to invest in things like franchise development and marketing. However, those investments will pay off over time as more investors adopt your model, and in turn, invest their own capital into building up new locations. You’ll enjoy rewards for your efforts in both your initial franchise fees and recurring royalty payments. 

2. Reach New Markets

For small and mid-sized businesses, opening new locations in different parts of the country can be difficult. Although your model would likely succeed in new markets, scouting them out can be costly and time-consuming. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can show you how to franchise in different parts of the country and even internationally! Don’t lose out on strong demand for your products and services because of geography. 

3. Build a Strong Network

If you’ve built up your business yourself, chances are you’re passionate about it. By franchising, you’ll connect with likeminded people who are passionate enough about your business to invest in it themselves. As these people build up their locations, they can become worthwhile sources of knowledge as you plan future expansion. They’re likely to tap into unique ways of doing things that could help to save themselves time and money, that could benefit other franchisees. 

When you partner with Accurate Franchising, Inc., we’ll show you how to franchise with the right investors for your brand. 

These are just a few of the reasons that franchising is a far better option than corporate expansion. Let Accurate Franchising, Inc. show you how to franchise the right way!