Are you considering franchise expansion? There is a lot you will need to do to grow a successful franchise outside of the country. Having a plan in place and getting the support you need is an essential part of this success. Here are three ways Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help:

Where to Expand

The first thing we do is help you determine the best possible areas in which to expand. Identifying where your franchise will be welcome and where you will likely achieve the most success is essential. You need to know where prospects are ready to invest and where to find them in a given country for a successful international franchise expansion. We’ll help you gather information about trade shows and franchise shows, as well as what print advertising materials will provide you with the best leads.

In addition to finding countries where there are interested franchisees, you also need to consider what areas will find your products or services most appealing. We will help you evaluate potential markets and move forward with the best decisions about expansion based on demographics in different countries.

Setting Up a Process for Choosing International Candidates

The system you are using domestically for choosing your best franchisees might not work as well in other countries. We can help you create a system that evaluates each and every candidate, and makes it easier to choose the international candidates who are most likely to achieve success. 

Defining the Sales and Transaction Process

Finally, we will help you create and evaluate a sales and transaction process that is customized for each country in which your franchise is located. What you are doing now might be successful domestically, but can you be sure it will work internationally? We will help you tweak – or alter as necessary – the systems you have in place to ensure success in other countries and help your franchise expansion happen as seamlessly as possible.

To learn more about international franchise expansion, contact Accurate Franchising, Inc.