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Why Jim Muir chose Accurate Franchising to franchise his business

Skeptical about franchising – he was a car salesman and never owned a franchise – Jim Muir did his homework before he agreed to partner up with Accurate Franchising at United Franchise Group to franchise Experimac. Today, he says he’s enjoying the last laugh because it was a downturned economy that helped him realize his future was in franchising a business that is now popping up worldwide.

"Meeting and engaging with Jason and his team has been one the best decisions we made in developing our franchise sales program. Their years of experience have given us the knowledge we needed to quickly ramp up sales and to eliminate the many mistakes most franchisors tend to make. Jason and his team had us set up quickly and continue to provide in depth training and support. Any question we had or continue to have is responded to immediately. It is a great sense of confidence to know that a seasoned sales coach is only a click or call away. We have found Accurate Franchising to be extremely cost effective compared to trying to hire and develop our own sales team."

John L Dellafiora
Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC (owner)

"We are new private equity backed high investment level franchise company. We initially struggled with franchise development until we did a deal with Accurate Franchising. Accurate Franchising has significantly increased our number of qualified leads, the number of discovery days, deposits and deals in the pipeline while significantly reducing our cost per lead. The Accurate Franchising team has a tremendous amount of experience. They are also very responsive and represent one of the best decisions I have made as CEO since I took over 2 years ago."

Jim Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
Marilyn Monroe Spas

"By 2012, my business was doing exceptionally well, but knowing that I needed to expand with additional locations in order to bring it to the next level, I needed help. How could I ever get substantial growth like that doing it all on my own? I had no idea where or how to get the capital resources and expertise that I would need to expand, and the idea of franchising terrified me. I am so thankful that my pastor introduced me to Ray Titus when he did. Ray told me all about United Franchise Group and the 30 years of experience that they had in the franchising world. Their expertise and attention to detail was apparent from day one, and thus began our partnership. I didn’t have to hire my own franchising staff or create documents and procedures from scratch. Financially, it was a LOT easier than doing it on my own would have been! I’m not saying I didn’t have to work hard, but the AFI team at UFG definitely made it all possible. We have sold 120 franchises in less than 2 years!"

Jim Muir
Founder of Experimac

"I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jason Anderson since early 2015. We worked hand-in-hand on building a robust franchise development digital marketing program for all UFG brands as well as “AFI” – the franchise consulting arm to UFG. In that time, I’ve learned so much from who I refer to as “one of the brightest minds in franchise development marketing”, Jason Anderson. He has a vast understanding on how to maximize franchise lead generation and building efficiencies & measurability better than any client I’ve ever worked with. Not to mention, he is always looking at ways to gain an edge in this very competitive industry. Needless to say, Jason is a winner in every sense of the word. My organization has the utmost respect and admiration for him and everything he is about. June 14, 2016, Joseph A. was a consultant or contractor to Jason R. at United Franchise Group."

Joseph A. Mohay
Chief Digital Officer | Franchise Development Digital Marketing

"Since I started working with United Franchise Group (UFG) and Accurate Franchising Inc (AFI) in 2010, Transworld Business Advisors has exploded across the world. We have over 100 offices in the USA and now in several countries. There is no doubt, my company could never have achieved those results without the expertise and amazing work by UFG/AFI. Franchising my business was a goal of mine, but after looking into the process, we decided not to move forward. Until I met the folks at UFG and saw firsthand their capabilities at their West Palm Beach headquarters. I was sold and thankfully made the decision to partner with them. Now with Jason Anderson at the helm of AFI, even more capabilities have been added to our franchise efforts and abilities. If you intend to franchise your business or need to expand your current franchise. Look no further than the professionals at AFI and UFG."

Andrew Cagnetta
Founder of Transworld Business Advisors

"Two words, GAME CHANGER. I have worked alongside Jason in several capacities over the last few years. Jason has the ability to advance any sales and marketing program by advancing the team’s use of cutting edge tech solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. Not only have I seen Jason affect the bottom line results across the board, but he is also an excellent teacher who freely shares his knowledge to the benefit of all. A team player, a great person to be around, and a Veteran. Jason is invaluable to our organization. "

Joe Malmuth
VP of Sales with AFI

"Having worked with hundreds of franchise development professionals across the industry, I am confident that there are few others at Jason’s level. His understanding of what it takes to be successful and most importantly his commitment to executing on that plan is unrivaled. As technology continues to influence the franchising community, there may be no one better positioned for the future. Anyone with the chance to work with him is truly lucky!"

Eli Robinson
COO at Metric Collective

"It is truly a pleasure working with Jason. In every interaction we’ve had, he’s consistently professional, responsive, and helpful. Further, his knowledge and understanding of franchise development is incredibly impressive. Can’t recommend him enough! July 21, 2016, Andrea was a consultant or contractor to Jason R. at United Franchise Group. "

Andrea Thieman
Customer Success Manager at Metric Collective


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