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franchise marketing

Why Digital Campaigns are One Your Best Franchise Marketing Options

They say the three biggest challenges for franchise marketers are: 1) generating quality leads; 2) allocating budget to invest in new ideas; and 3) finding time to get everything done. So, if you’ve been feeling underwhelmed by your current franchise marketing efforts, at least you’re not alone! Some people will tell you that established franchises…Read more

franchise consulting

Even Established Franchisors Can Benefit from Franchise Consulting

Many people think franchise consultants are in the business of helping small companies grow by franchising a good retail or service concept – which, of course, they are. But franchise consulting is also beneficial for established franchisors who want to jumpstart their franchise development efforts or upgrade their existing operations.  Ramp Up Your Franchise Sales…Read more

is my business ready to franchise

How to Know if Your Brand is Ready for Franchising

Are you asking yourself, is my business ready to franchise? It’s something many would-be franchisors wonder when starting to research the subject. At AFI, we can help you answer that question. We’ve been in business for 30 years and have helped hundreds of clients decide if the day has finally come to franchise their brand…Read more

franchise your business

What Every Franchisor Should Know About Item 19

If today is the day you decide to franchise your business, you should know that you will be required by law to provide prospective franchisees with a legal document known as a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Item 19 – the section that provides a representation of future financial performance – is often said to be…Read more

how to grow a franchise

How Accurate Franchising Connects Franchisors and Franchisees

To Learn How to Grow a Franchise, You Need to Connect with the Right Franchisees Anyone can claim to be a franchise development consultant but Accurate Franchising, Inc. is the only franchise development firm with first-hand franchise experience. We know how to grow a franchise because we’ve done it ourselves. In fact, we’ve done it…Read more

international franchising

Franchising Internationally: A Valuable Opportunity

Let Us Show You How to Go Global At Accurate Franchising, Inc. we know how to take a franchise global because we’ve done it ourselves. In fact, our founder Ray Titus has opened 800 franchises in more than 70 countries. Our team of international franchising experts is ready to help you explore new markets that…Read more

franchise consulting company

Our Background as Franchisors Strengthens Our Support for Clients

It’s a big decision to franchise your business.  It’s your baby, after all, and you don’t want to take that next step before you understand the opportunities and challenges of franchising. Accurate Franchising, Inc. is a leading franchise consulting company with more than 30 years of experience helping emerging brands build successful franchises of their…Read more

Building blocks numbered 1 to 3

3 Ways We Can Help You Build Your Brand

If you’re a business owner who wants to grow, and you’re asking yourself, “How can I build my franchise?” we have the answer — partner with Accurate Franchising, Inc. We’ve got 30 years of experience helping countless businesses grow their names and their brands and helping them stay competitive and viable in ever-changing conditions and…Read more

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AFI Supports Franchisors of Every Size at Every Stage

Franchising a business is an exciting and challenging process, one that requires a solid understanding of the important steps involved. It doesn’t happen by itself and it doesn’t happen overnight. Furthermore, if you type in “how to franchise my business” as a search engine query, you’re going to come up with pages and pages of…Read more

A person walking on the road

Unique and Valuable Insight: AFI’s Founder Walked in Your Shoes

From franchise owner to franchise consultant — that’s the road that the founder of Accurate Franchising, Inc., Ray Titus, took — and why, when it comes to how to build a franchise, he is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your franchising goals. Ray began his career along with his father, Roy, owning and operating…Read more

franchise development company

3 Reasons Why Franchising Beats Traditional Expansion

Your lines are out the door, your demand seems endless, and you’ve crushed your bottom line each quarter. Expansion for your brand could be on the horizon, and now the question has emerged: do you franchise your business or maintain full ownership of your additional locations? As a franchise development company, we have evaluated the…Read more

how to create a franchise system

Hire a Partner, Not Just a Consultant

While hiring a consultant to go over your business strategy might be insightful, it’s hard to feel confident that a one-time strategist is fully aware of the message of your brand. Through detailed evaluations and expert-level instruction, Accurate Franchising, Inc. is bringing a new standard for brands discovering how to build a franchise. Let’s take…Read more

Choosing one that stands out

How to Make Your Franchise Brand Stand Out

Whether you are a food and beverage fast-casual style franchise or a home improvement business, standing out from the competition is crucial for learning how to create a franchise system. When you franchise your business, you’re going into the process with the goal of reaching the masses. Therefore, establishing a unique brand message and service…Read more

franchise consulting company

The Value of a Great FDD

Whether you’re an established franchisor or are leading an up-and-coming franchise brand, having a great franchise disclosure document (FDD) is crucial. The FDD is a valuable asset to you, your franchisees, and anyone who is considering becoming a franchisee. Accurate Franchising, Inc. was founded by experts with decades of experience in the franchising space, and…Read more