Growing through franchising is a satisfying way to expand your business. However, you may be lost on what you need to know in order to get that growth. There are a lot of questions that you may have when you are searching for the best strategy to grow your business the right way, such as what a franchise consultant is, what is the franchise disclosure document (FDD), how do I sell franchises, and more. Fortunately, Accurate Franchising, Inc., is here to help. Here are some of the basic principles you should understand in order to grow your business.

What Is a Franchise Consultant?

A franchise consultant is an expert in helping business owners expand their business through franchising. They are imperative to owners who want to transition their business the right way. Here at Accurate Franchising, Inc., we have franchise consultants that bring countless years of experience with them. We only hire the best, and our clients appreciate that. A franchise consultant is the person that a new franchisor can turn to with any questions or with any ideas to help their franchise grow.

What Is the Franchise Disclosure Document?

The FDD is a very important legal document that establishes who you are as a franchisor to a potential investor. The FDD was put into law as a means to protect investors from putting money into a franchise that was falsely advertised. The FDD creates transparency between both parties and breaks down what the brand is and the opportunity that’s being offered into 23 different items.

We help franchisors set up their FDD and make sure it is fleshed out and full of content that explains exactly who they are, their policies and procedures, the initial investment in their franchise, and other important information that investors will read when they are looking for a franchise.

How Do I Sell a Franchise?

There are multiple ways to go about selling a franchise. We focus on lead generation and management, as well as inbound marketing strategies to help bring potential investors to you. In addition, we offer sales support to make sure you have a plan for selling and reachable goals for your franchise.

Can I Expand in Other Countries?

Of course! International expansion has a ton of potential for franchises. Not only have we established key cities across the United States that are perfect for franchising, we have mapped out preferable locations in multiple countries as well. Our methods to determining these locations are very in-depth, and we incorporate several pieces of data to figure out which cities have the best demographics for a variety of franchises.

Understanding these principles can do wonders to grow your business. Transitioning into a franchise is not an easy task, but with Accurate Franchising, Inc. behind you to help, you can rest assured that you are going about it the best possible way.

Take the first step toward answering questions like “What is a franchise consultant?” and growing your business by contacting Accurate Franchising, Inc. today!