Have you reached a point in your business where you need to expand? There’s a lot that goes into keeping a business up and running, but keeping multiple businesses running and keeping that growth you worked so hard for is nearly impossible. Fortunately, we have the solution. Accurate Franchising, Inc., has showed hundreds of business owners how to build a franchise, and we can help you too. Turning your business into a franchise allows you to enjoy self-sufficiency as a franchisor because other people will be running multiple locations. This brings you more freedom and greater flexibility, and with the right consultants behind you, your new locations can see as much success as your original location did.

Why Franchise?

Franchising is the best way to expand your business because it allows you to take a step back from the operations instead of piling more onto it. We help owners develop a whole infrastructure that makes your franchise brand a turnkey opportunity. This means it comes with everything an investor needs to open one of your franchises anywhere across the country with the same consistency and quality that you have at your own location.

What Are the First Steps on How to Build a Franchise?

The first thing you need to do to expand your business the right way is to fill out our free franchise feasibility study. This form will help us determine if your concept is right for franchising, and from there we can communicate with you about the best course of action to turn your business into an appealing franchise opportunity.

One of the earliest stages to transition your business into a franchise is to develop an infrastructure. Your infrastructure includes things like the franchise disclosure document. This is a lengthy document that features 23 items and summarizes what your franchise is, how much it costs to invest, what the investment comes with, and other items that let prospective franchisees know the ins and outs of your business. It is important to flesh this document out because investors look at it very closely, and they will only invest in an opportunity that they know will provide them with what they need to have a higher chance of success.

I Have an Established Franchise. Now What?

Once you know how to build a franchise and your brand is up and running, we won’t leave your side. We have tons of services to help you grow your franchise from lead generation to franchise resales to even real estate assistance. We also assist with brand marketing to help you get leads. Inbound marketing strategies have proven to be very successful for franchises. There are people out there who are searching for an opportunity like yours, and we can help them find you. This could mean updating and optimizing your website with new content, utilizing paid ads, and more.

When Can I Get Started?

We are here to help through our several regional offices that are all across the nation and even in different countries. With our 30 years of expertise, we have everything you need to get started with your business expansion.

If you are looking for more information about how to build a franchise, download this free guide!