If your business is ready to expand, there are two ways to go about it: company-owned locations or franchising. Both have their advantages, but the biggest differences come down to growth. When you have several company-owned locations, there is a lot of work that you need to put in to each location to make sure things are running smoothly. With franchising, that time and work is freed up because franchisees have been trained and assessed by you, in addition to investing their own capital in your brand and wanting to see it be successful. Here is why expanding through franchising is the right choice for your business and certain things that we can assist you with to help you answer the question “how can I grow my franchise?

How to Find Investors for a Franchise

There are people out there searching for a concept like yours, and with our help, they can find you. Our franchise development services are designed to get you set up with all the resources and tools that your prospects will need to make an informed decision about investing. With our lead generation, sales support, and marketing, we can help you seal the deal. By utilizing the services of Accurate Franchising, Inc., you can create a customized plan with what you need to grow your franchise. Once you have investors and franchises up and running, the next step is figuring out how to grow your franchise.

How Can I Grow My Franchise?

Growing a franchise is different than growing a business through corporate-owned locations. Although finding prospects in different territories may sound time-consuming, we have several resources that can help. Our 30 years of experience with franchise growth and development has helped us perfect our skills as consultants. We have experts on staff who not only help brands grow but serve as franchisors themselves. Our founder, Ray Titus, started Accurate Franchising, Inc. as a spinoff of the success of his franchise, Signarama, which is the #1 franchise in its industry and has over 750 locations. Titus was inspired by his brand’s success, and his knowledge of turning a business into a franchise made him want to help others do the same.

There are several services that we offer to help you answer the question “how can I grow my franchise?” We can assist with franchise sales and marketing, a franchise-specific CRM, real estate targeting, and more to help you find territories and demographics that best help your brand. We can sit down and work with you to choose the right services you need to grow your franchise.

Grow My Franchise with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

At Accurate Franchising, our goal is to help businesses reach their fullest potential by expanding through franchising. Our team of franchising experts works diligently with all clients to make sure their businesses are on a track more prone to successful growth, and established franchisors have the resources they need to continue on that track. We have services for any stage of franchising, and we can help your business through franchise development.

We can answer the question “how can I grow my franchise?” when you fill out this free franchise growth assessment.