If you are a successful business owner, you have the strengths needed to also be a successful franchisor. The biggest challenge of the transition, however, is doing it in a way that keeps your current business successful while also expanding through franchising. You want to make sure each and every location is as successful and profitable as the original, which is where Accurate Franchising, Inc. comes in to help.

Franchise Development

Once we have determined that your business is right for franchising, we can then dive into turning your business model into a turnkey franchise concept. This has a lot of moving parts, which is why so many owners enlist the services of a franchise consulting firm like ours. You’ll need to develop the policies and procedures that keep all of your franchises consistent, to create a training program that teaches franchisees everything they need to run a successful location, an investment outline that covers what franchisees need to get started, and a fleshed-out franchise disclosure document that provides prospects all the information they need to make a decision. Here at Accurate Franchising, Inc., we can help you cover all the bases in terms of franchise development, so all you have to do once we’re done is find people interested in an opportunity like yours – which we help with too.


Just having an infrastructure is not going to put your franchise opportunity on people’s radar. There are countless franchises out there, and you need to stand out from the rest. In order to do that, you need a marketing strategy that works and can help people find you. At Accurate Franchise, Inc., we have experts in franchise marketing, and we have the solutions to get you on the map. Some of these strategies include updating franchise websites with new and optimized content, utilizing paid ads, social media marketing, and more.

Our goal through marketing is to help you generate leads. We offer lead generation as a service because in this day and age, most people are finding franchise opportunities digitally. This means that outbound marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past and targeted, inbound marketing is the way of the future. We implore inbound marketing strategies because they find targeted demographics that are looking for a franchise like yours.

Ongoing Support

Once your franchise is up and running, our help doesn’t have to end there. We have services to help you grow your franchise as well. We offer expertise and services for franchise sales, franchise resales, customer relationship management (CRM) and support, and international expansion guidance. These services can help you grow your franchise in ways that you may not have even considered before. One of our most popular services is the franchise-specific CRM software that we have available to our clients. When you work with us, this software allows you to access hundreds of leads and manage the qualified ones. By having the ability to funnel out unqualified leads, you will be able to target your qualified leads much more effectively and potentially sell more franchises.

Here at Accurate Franchising, Inc., we like to make sure our clients are taken care of so that when they expand their business they are maximizing their strengths to turn them into profits. Whether you are looking to turn your business into a thriving franchise or grow an existing one, we’ve got the services for you.

Find out if your business is ready to become a franchise by answering these questions, and, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to Accurate Franchising, Inc. for help.