If your multi-unit franchise sales are in a slump, the Accurate Franchising, Inc. team is ready to help. We have 35+ years of franchising experience, and we’re prepared to put it to work for your brand. If you’re serious about connecting with the right investors, it could be time to enlist a professional franchise business consultant.

Connecting with the Right Investors

If you’re determined to boost your multi-unit franchising program, the key is to better connect with the right investors. Accurate Franchising, Inc. knows how to ensure that your message is reaching the right people. A few ways we’re able to do that include:

  • Using SEO and SEM strategies to ensure that your franchise opportunity ranks high on the list when your target investors search online using relevant terms.
  • Location targeting to get your message out in the right geographic areas.
  • Updating your online content with messages that are likely to resonate with your ideal investors.

Are you already using strategies like these? We can help determine how effective they are, so we can come up with a game plan to improve them.

Upgrading Your Multi-unit Franchising Program

Does your multi-unit franchising program have a lot to offer compared to competitors? If not, it might be time to fine-tune your message or update the program itself. Multi-unit investors are committed to opening successful businesses, but they expect certain things in return – namely, incentives for opening more than one location and outstanding franchise support.

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is part of United Franchise Group (UFG), a leader in franchising that’s helped build up numerous strong franchise brands throughout the years. Because we have decades of experience selling multi-unit franchises, we know how to make your program more attractive to prospects.

Improving Your Sales Funnel

Are you finding qualified multi-unit investors but losing their interest before you close the deal? If you have a great multi-unit program but haven’t been making sales, there could be inefficiencies in your sales funnel. Our team will take a close look at the journey each buyer goes through, from when they contact you to the time you seal the deal. We can help identify any weak spots where desired prospects are likely to fall through the cracks.

Make a Custom Plan with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

When you contact us, we’ll work with you to create a custom plan that perfectly meets your criteria, ensuring you pay for the franchise business consulting services you need and nothing you don’t. We can help with everything from website design to Franchise Disclosure Document development, to international expansion.

Contact Accurate Franchising, Inc. today to see for yourself what our team can do for your brand.