The history of Accurate Franchising, Inc. is really the history of United Franchise Group (UFG). We’re the only franchise consulting services provider that also owns and operates numerous franchise brands. Here, learn more about how we got our start in the industry and how our decades of experience put us in a unique position to benefit our clients. 

Getting Started with Signarama in 1986

When Roy and Ray Titus opened the first Signarama store in Farmingdale, New York, they weren’t looking to shake up the franchising industry. The father and son team were looking to start a family business. They quickly found success and opened a second location in North Palm Beach, Florida, less than a year later.

It occurred to them that their model was simple to implement just about anywhere, and with a strong demand for signs, franchising could be a great opportunity to grow their business. Once they opened Signarama up to franchisees, it took off. Today, there are over 600 Signarama locations around the world!

Building UFG

The Titus family realized the great potential in franchising, so they decided to incorporate other brands into their growing business. Over the years, they acquired renowned franchises like Venture X and Fully Promoted. Under the UFG label, this group has helped thousands of franchisees to go into business for themselves. The company is still rapidly growing today. 

All of this experience gave the UFG team a unique insight into what it takes to build a successful franchise. So naturally, they decided to put these skills to work for other franchisors. Accurate Franchising, Inc. is the franchise development arm of UFG. Our team uses skills and insights from decades of building a franchising empire to help franchisors just like you to maximize your performance. 

Our Franchise Consulting Services

We work with franchisors at every stage. Whether you’re just starting up a new franchise or are growing a well-established brand, our flexible services are designed to meet your unique needs. When you contact us, we’ll take your goals and budget into consideration to develop a custom suite of franchise consulting services.

Our team is here to help you meet goals like:

  • Improving lead generation
  • Creating or tightening up your Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Expanding your franchise support program
  • International expansion
  • Web development
  • Inbound marketing

and much more. Not only do we have the expertise to provide this wide range of services, but we also have the tools to analyze their efficacy. Working together, we can help you get the best possible results when you invest in franchise consulting services.

Why choose a franchise development firm that hasn’t walked in your shoes when you could partner with Accurate Franchising, Inc? The choice is clear – trust our experience.

Contact Accurate Franchising, Inc. today to create a custom franchise development plan for your brand.