Accurate Franchising, Inc. (AFI) provides end-to-end franchise development services for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in multiple markets and industries. We provide guidance, resources, and materials as franchisor training and support that can help your business thrive and rise to the next level of success.

AFI has a proven track record of success as a leading franchise consulting company, with more than 2,500 franchise locations in 80+ countries. We’ve cornered the market as an industry leader who knows what our clients want and can deliver consistently. We’ve outpaced the competition, and the gap will only get larger.

With emerging markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, Africa, and South America, our business model can help offer you dividends. Not just in the coming months, but for years and decades. Our company was founded in 1986; we saw the potential then and have been leading the way ever since throughout our 35+ years in business. We didn’t have the baton passed to us — we grabbed it and are racing to the finish line! 

Our parent company, Starpoint Brands, works within an ecosystem of interconnected partners who can support our franchisees while keeping business in-house. With AFI, we understand how to develop and market franchise businesses. We went from a franchisee to a franchisor and now are considered the franchisor of franchisors. If you’re looking to be the best, you have to work with the best.

It’s our experience that has helped AFI provide industry leadership that has provided business owners like you with the knowledge and insight to hit the ground running and position themselves for success in multiple industries by franchising your business. A sampling of our portfolio includes:

  • Transworld: The world’s largest business brokerage firm
  • Venture X: The world’s largest independently owned coworking office space company
  • Office Evolution: Innovative flexible office space for every stage of your business’s journey
  • Graze Craze: A cutting-edge charcuterie franchise with exponential growth

Strength in Numbers

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., our reputation has allowed us to guide upstart businesses toward success and has created a stellar reputation that is well-respected throughout our industry. It’s a reputation that we stand by, and our history indicates bigger things to come in the years ahead. AFI stands behind our track record and has the following attributes in our corner:

  • We’ve supported the development and growth of more than 2,500 franchises worldwide
  • We’re the largest multi-brand private franchisor
  • We own 10 franchise brands, so we know the industry inside out
  • We have a global team of 150+ franchise consultants ready to help grow your business
  • We provide support in 10 support areas to help your business become more successful and profitable

Support Catered to Your Business

Since 1986, Starpoint Brands has grown to 10 franchise brands with 1,600 locations in over 60 countries. We offer unmatched resources and have developed a business management model and franchisor support system that ensures you have the resources needed for success.

In the first quarter of 2022, AFI had a record number of deals confirmed with 22 franchise partners — which outperforms any quarter in our company’s history. This shows business owners’ confidence in our ability to guide them toward financial prosperity when franchising a business.

The new franchisors are located throughout the US and represent various industries, including food and beverage, retail, fashion, travel, and health and wellness. Our franchise development process takes about four months for both single and multi-unit locations.

As an AFI prospective client, it’s essential for us to provide full disclosure on our company values and how we can work together to engage our customer base. Your investment is no easy task. It takes commitment, and we’re prepared to help ensure that our union is a long-term opportunity to create a more profitable enterprise and position your business for future success.

Let’s explore the various ways that our franchise consulting company can help elevate your brand.

Marketing to Meet You Where You Are

With more than 35 years of experience, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has helped companies of all sizes expand their business by becoming franchisors who create opportunities for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Our strategic insight and resource development have helped launch over 100 franchised businesses.

With enterprise solutions that meet our clients where they are and raise their brand presence to the next level, we can help you throughout the process of franchising your business. With support from AFI, clients receive the assistance they need to become successful: marketing, logo treatment, intellectual property, and real estate guidance that only franchise consultants with a proven track record can offer.

AFI can work with you to help build, market, and support your business expansion through a time-tested model that has reliably guided other entrepreneurs toward success for decades. Our marketing solutions are a tip-of-spear approach that addresses the past, understands the present, and positions us forward into the future.

Technology to Take Your Business to the Top

Having the right resources is vital to maintaining a healthy business profile. At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we’ve invested in software tailored to facilitate sales management for our clients. We handle nearly 50,000 incoming franchise sales inquiries annually and manage royalties for 2,500 locations in 80+ countries.

We couldn’t do this without franchise software and CRM systems that have been on the cutting edge of technology since our founding. AFI will continue to follow business trends that help to support success well into the future. 

Our franchise technology team has the experience to help you to streamline, automate, track, and improve upon many daily tasks and procedures that becoming a large franchisor will entail. Through data analytics, we can support you in your efforts to gain market share by identifying local consumer spending habits and building locations best suited for franchise development.

Our technical support also helps entrepreneurs like yourself turn their business into a franchise, with online manuals that can provide guidance on legal issues so that you can perform your due diligence. There’s also online training support that can help you understand industry practices and resource materials that can be used to help train employees.

Developing a Franchisor Support Structure

Accurate Franchising, Inc. takes a five-step approach to franchising your business. Our streamlined process takes about four months to complete, at which time your business will become a turnkey franchise system. 

Before we can begin our franchise development process, we take the time to get to know you, your business, and your expansion goals, and determine if franchising is a viable option for your business. There are several factors to take into consideration, which we’ll help you navigate through during our initial assessment. 

As part of our franchise development process, we’ll provide the franchisor support structure your business needs as you expand. We’ll assist you with forming a comprehensive strategic business plan, putting together legal documents, compiling an operations manual, developing a marketing plan, organizing post-development sales and marketing, and more. 

In the first phase of the franchise development process, we’ll develop the necessary infrastructure to turn your business into a franchise. We’ll create a plan that includes:

  • Designing corporate imagery
  • Strengthening your company’s branding
  • Ensuring your rights to your intellectual property
  • Creating a franchise business plan
  • Producing training programs, operations manuals, and materials
  • Making financial projections
  • Obtaining franchise lawyers

We’re there for you every step of the way along your journey to help you achieve your business growth goals, including marketing and sales to recruit franchise owners. Should you require further assistance, you can always opt for our Extended Support Program, which provides more in-depth training and consultation. Our franchisor support services are an integral component toward maintaining dedication and commitment to small business owners seeking franchisor opportunities to grow their businesses.

The Power of Our Ecosystem

Accurate Franchising, Inc. knows that relationships are integral at every stage of our franchise development process. Our goal is to help you establish long-lasting connections that can further bolster your business infrastructure.

AFI is part of a powerful ecosystem as a member of the Starpoint Brands family. Our partnership with Starpoint Brands grants us the ability to provide our clients with the best resources in the industry, designed to increase your customer base and revenue. Thanks to our partnership, we’re able to power our clients with advantages you won’t find elsewhere, including innovative technology, custom CRM with Synuma, a brand marketing fund, a team of advisors, a global network, brand equity, research and development, unsurpassed mass purchasing power, a supplier network, regional and global marketing, and more.

Our support system can provide resources that help lower costs through issues like bulk pricing and real estate negotiation. We’ll help you establish long-lasting connections that can provide your business with the material assets needed for resource allocation, operational management, administrative coordination, and other aspects directly related to the wholesale advancement of your business.

Real Estate Strategies for Growth

The global real estate market is trending, and as you aim your business expansion toward higher earnings potential, many untapped markets may present themselves as opportunities. Europe, Asia/Pacific, The Middle East, and Central/South America all come to mind. 

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is dedicated to providing integrated real estate strategies aligned with your expansion goals. From strategic planning to execution, our real estate team offers creative, cost-effective, and responsible commercial real estate services to find the right location for every one of your franchisees.

We support our clients’ long-term success by utilizing our industry expertise and local market knowledge. We’ll leverage our resources to serve all of your real estate needs, including franchise tenant representation, franchise site development selection, franchise lease negotiations, franchise construction management, franchise finance consulting, and franchise market research.

Culture and Values

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we appreciate our clients. And we’ve developed a business model that respects the spirit of entrepreneurship and recognizes hard work and smart work. We’re more than a franchise developer — we’re a dedicated partner in your success. AFI is committed to helping you take your business to a higher level. Our franchise consulting services cover multiple angles, from attracting leads to creating the software and legal documentation that can become the cornerstone of your franchise business.

With support from Starpoint Brands, we can provide unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their brands and become franchisors. We also work with current franchisors to raise their portfolio by supporting new business ventures. That’s how we started, and we’re always looking to pay it forward to the next generation of franchise ownership.

A History of Top-Level Franchise Consulting and Franchise Development

SInce 1986, Accurate Franchise, Inc. has had a finger on the pulse of the franchise development industry. We’re the only franchise consulting company to negotiate business franchise opportunities for other companies while also leveling up with a portfolio that includes 10 franchise opportunities we own and manage as part of Starpoint Brands.

This is a small example of how AFI can help position you for success as a business partner with a franchisor support structure that understands the landscape, has the experience, and knows what it takes to succeed; we began as an upstart, took control of a growing industry, and now have a commanding leadership position that is a harbinger of the future.

We also stand proud of our ability to offer an enhanced perspective on the franchise development industry. Starpoint Brands has chartered the Titus Center for Franchising near our company headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, as a way for interested franchisees to add depth to their knowledge of franchise development.

With degree-earning programs and shorter-term certifications, it provides a flexible option for entrepreneurs seeking to take command of their businesses. Through a combination of classroom learning and real-world experience, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge that has helped AFI corner the market and become an influential industry leader.

Being the Best in Business is Best for Business

With over 35 years as a franchise consulting company, AFI understands the industry to the point where we can help you avoid the rookie mistakes that caused us to learn from the school of hard knocks. When Starpoint Brands began with Signarama in 1986, our company went from franchise owner to franchise consultant in short order.

Our franchise partners trust AFI because we’re a leader in brand development and positioning that can spotlight your franchise opportunity and help you gain exposure within your community. Whether local, regional, or national marketing, our franchise consultants have the experience to help you increase your market share and become an industry leader in your respective field.

We support our business partners through direct engagement that helps you grow your business through our franchise development support system, along with add-on services that include:

  • Lead generation
  • Franchise sales
  • Real estate assistance
  • Financing opportunities
  • International expansion

In the Right Place at the Right Time

AFI helps to add value to your existing business enterprise, whether launching a new brand or expanding your current portfolio. This includes Master License franchise opportunities that can position you as a franchisor who manages other brands while earning royalties from their profitability.

Our experts have done advanced research into different territories in the United States and globally. This means that we can help you with international franchise development in a location with the demographics to support it and a culture that could foster its success.

Curious to learn more about why you should franchise with Accurate Franchising, Inc.? Contact us today!